Auto Brewery Syndrome: How Could I Have a .08 BAC if I Didn’t Drink Anything?

NY Post April 20, 2020

Your body can actually make alcohol. Auto-Brewery syndrome, also known as Gut Fermentation Syndrome or intestinal candida infection is a very rare condition that causes someone to become intoxicated or drunk not from drinking alcohol, but from yeast build-up in their intestines.

The yeast in the intestines builds up to the point to where just having a soft drink or other sugary food or beverage can cause a reaction that is like having many alcoholic drinks. A person with the syndrome will become “drunk” and often exhibit manifestations of someone who has been drinking heavily, with slurred speech, loss of balance, dizziness and other indications of intoxication.

To use the syndrome as a DUI defense, you would need to get tested and have a medical doctor diagnose you with it.

Think you might have autobrewery syndrome? Or just want to explore how you could have had a BAC higher than you think is right given the amount of alcohol you had? Call us for a no-cost DWI Defense Strategy Session. 212-372-7218 or 973-854-0098

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