New Jersey DWI/DUI with out of State License

What happens if you get a New Jersey DWI/DUI but your license is from another state? New Jersey only has jurisdiction over New Jersey licenses so New Jersey can’t suspend your out of state license. They can however suspend your privilege to drive in New Jersey.

Your license would be good in every other state but New Jersey but, you’re not out of the woods yet. There is something called the interstate compact. Almost all states (all but a handful) are subscribers to this compact under which New Jersey would tell your home state about the DWI/DUI and then your home stay could take administrative action on your license.

You would need to consult an attorney in your state to find out what would happen under the compact. Attorneys like me who focus on DWI cases are often part of DUI defense groups where we can ask for some advice from colleagues in other states and put you in touch with someone if necessary. This shows how complicated the dwi licensing rules are and why you need an attorney who focuses on these cases. Without that, you may end up thinking you’re getting a good deal only to have the hammer drop in your home state. You could find yourself unable to drive. Make sure you consult with an attorney who is familiar with interstate compact issues.


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