Is A DWI Going to Ruin My Life?

If you or someone you love just got a dwi in New York or New Jersey your head is probably spinning with all the ways this can change your life. For many people this charge is the first time they e had any contact with the justice system. Dwi affect nice normal regular people like you every day.

There’s a lot to navigate, like dealing with the system, judges, lawyers, speaking in court, court rules. There’s fears around the possibility of jail time. Panic over not being able to drive. Worry about your job finding out or the local newspaper publishing intro about the arrest. Concern about skyrocketing insurance rates. Maybe you have collateral consequences like a medical license or immigration issues that could end you in removal proceedings. These are all very real concerns. Here’s the good news…we’re easy to talk to and we’ve been doing this for fifteen years. We’ve seen it all. We’re ready to help you navigate these issues and more and get out of this with minimal impact to your life. My goal is for this to a be a bump in the road for you rather than a life changing event. Call me and we’ll see if I can help.

The Kugel Law Firm team has been handling New York DWI and New Jersey DUI cases for fifteen years. Call us 212-372-7218 or 973-854-0098

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