What is a New York Aggravated DWI / DUI?

Aggravated DWI is an enhancement in New York 1192.2a

If you are charged with aggravated DWI / DUI in New York then you are alleged to have had a Bac of .18 or more. The main difference is the length of revocation is one year. Fines can also be higher and associated classed can be longer.

In practical terms it can make it harder to negotiate a non-criminal disposition because now the prosecutor has to come down two steps instead of one. So instead of regular DWI down to impaired (DWAI) or traffic ticket non-criminal version…now its aggravated to regular DWI to impaired non criminal.

Obviously bringing in an attorney to try and convicnce the prosecutor why they should come down in your case might give you the best chance.