When is a DWI/DUI a Felony in New York?

When is a DWI a felony in New York?
A DWI or DUI in New York can become a felony in a couple of ways. First, if you’ve had a prior DWI within the last ten years the new DWI/DUI can be upgraded to a felony by prosecutors in New York.

So if it’s not a first offense that’s one way to end up with a felony change in New York.

Another possibility is under what’s known as Leandra’s Law. If you get a DWI/DUI even a first offense and you have a child 15 or younger in the car the resulting charge is a felony DWI.
If you’re facing a felony DWI/DUI the penalties you are exposed to can range from probation to state prison. A good lawyer can make all the difference.

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