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New York: 3 DWI/DUIs in 25 Years

In 2012 new regulations took effect that affect drivers with multiple alcohol/drugged driving related conviction or incidents in New York. These regulations can have dramatic consequences.

Ok so 3 DWIs in 25 years is a relatively new rule that I’ve unfortunately been encountering more and more clients dealing with. Here’s the deal, in 2012 the New York DMV enacted new regulations that allows the dmv to look back over your driving history for the previous 25 years. They are looking for violations of 1192 and 1194. 3 or 4 alcohol events in 25 years means your license application following any revocation period will be denied for at least 5 years.

5 in 25 years results in the permanent denial of your license application in New York.

Now I know it seems like anyone with that many dwis should probably plan to not drive but trust me there are sad scenarios and draconian situations that arise as a result of these regulations. Further, the fact that they weren’t enacted via a legislative vote should give you pause about what punishment should look like in a democracy. But that’s a discussion for another day. Just know that for now these regulations are looming and could effect someone you know and love. Call us if you need help figuring out if this regulations affect you.


Does this person look impaired? What do you think? (video in the link)

Watch the body cam footage of Aaron Judge’s girlfriend’s DUI arrest and let me know your opinion on whether she looks impaired. Does bodycam help or hurt the defense?

The Kugel Law Firm regularly defends DUI cases and will fight for you even if you’re not the girlfriend of a yankee. Call us if you need help with a New York City DUI we are always in the courts in Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn and we will fight to get you the best results in your DWI/DUI case.


New York City Families will Receive over $400 Per Child for Food Regardless of Income

Unlike previous rounds of federal stimulus support, families will qualify regardless of immigration status. The benefits will not count against the “public charge” rule, under which other public benefits could be a strike against someone’s chances of securing a green card or other kinds of visas.

City leaders said they are working on an information campaign so that parents know to expect the extra support. That will be crucial, Accles said, because families may be skeptical of spending the money if they are worried it was sent in error — and that they may need to eventually pay it back.

“We really want to make sure that people know what this is when they get it,” Accles said. “It’s essential and people really need the support.”

For more information, visit the state’s Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance website.

What’s the Statute of Limitations on a New Jersey DWI/DUI?

Under the New Jersey law the statute of limitations for filing a DWI summons is 90 days. That’s because in New Jersey a DWI is traffic and the statute of limitations is found there. 39:5-3 general rule on traffic is 30 days but DWI along side some other tickets allows of a longer amount of time for police to file. A ticket issued outside of that time would be defective and have to be dismissed.

If you think you may have a statute of limitation last issue with your DWI or DUI contact us at 973-854-0098 or

The Kugel Law Firm handles Essex county dui, Newark DWI dui, middlesex county DWI, Hudson county dui, bergen county dui, New Brunswick DWI, North brunswick dui, East brunswick dui, hunterdon county DWI our experienced New Jersey dui lawyers can bring you the best defense throughout the state of New Jersey.

Money Tip: Economic Stimulus

We are aware we have many New York DUI and New Jersey DWI clients that are effected financially by the Covid19 pandemic. If we hear of any tips to help we will certainly share them. To that end:

Economic stimulus check tips:

The IRS has added thousands of live reps to their phone system. If you think your stimulus check was less than it should be based on number of dependents claimed or you haven’t received it yet you can now call 1-800-919-9835 hang on after the recorded message and you will transferred to a live representative.

If you want to check the status of your stimulus payment online and provide your direct deposit info, you should make sure the IRS has your direct deposit info to the check faster
go here:

*please share this info

If you got a DUI Refusal in New York City in the last couple of months you might be wondering where that leaves your license status. Under the law, if your license is taken at arraignment for refusing to submit to a chemical test you must be given a refusal hearing in 14 days. If that can’t happen your license will be reinstated pending a hearing at a later date.

New review posted this morning. Happy to have a profession where I can help people during some of their darkest days. Dealing with a New York or New Jersey DWI/DUI charge is a harrowing experience for most people. Glad we can be there to pull them through.

What’s the Difference Between a New York DWI and a DWAI?

In New York a DWI/DUI is a crime, it’s a misdemeanor and a finding of guilt to a DWI/DUI will give you a criminal record.

In New York we also have something called a DWAI you might have heard it referred to as driving while impaired rather than intoxicated. Sometimes you’ll hear lawyers just call it an “impaired” or an “ai”. This charge is a violation and not a crime and while it does have consequences they are less.

The biggest differences are DWAI results in a license suspension rather than a revocation. On a DWAI an ignition interlock is not mandatory. Most importantly., a DWAI will not give you a criminal record.