Five Tips for Choosing a DWI Lawyer

Choosing a lawyer to represent you is a major decision

one that should not be made lightly or just based on flashy

advertising. Here are some questions to ask:


1) How Much of Your Practice is Devoted to DWI Defense?

*DWI is an intricate and highly scientific area of practice

just doing one or two DWI cases now and again may not be

enough to get you the best outcome in your case.


2)Can you Beat My Case?

*Beware of any attorney who doesn’t answer this honestly.

It is unethical for an attorney to promise or guarantee results.

Not to mention, there is no way an attorney can definitively know

this answer in advance. A lawyer should give you a sense of the best and

worst case scenarios and be able to outline some strategy for defending

your case, but they cannot tell you for certain what the outcome will be.


3) Do You Have a System for Getting Client’s

Questions Answered Quickly?

*Sometimes you can leave voicemail after voicemail

and never get your lawyer on the phone. A firm can be too

big, such that your lawyer handles hundreds of clients..or it

can be too small such that the lawyer has to be everything from

receptionist, to janitor…and may not have the time to chat.

In my office, we have a client services coordinator who will

be able to answer many of your questions right away. If

your question requires speaking to an attorney directly

a phone call will be scheduled to avoid the phone tag that

usually results. We try very hard to have any phone call returned

within twenty four hours.


4) Do You Actually Try Cases?

*Some attorneys who handle DWIs will charge low fees

but have no intention of fighting these cases. They may not

look into whether you have defenses in your case, they may

believe that DWIs cannot be won. Whatever the reason, make sure

you are getting someone who is willing to fight for you!


5) Do You Charge More for Motions, Trial, More than

Ten Hours of Work, More Than One Court Appearance?

*Attorneys that handle DWIs have different methods of billing

clients. Some charge hourly others work on a sort of ladder basis where

the price increases as more work is done or court appearances

are made. In my office we charge flat fees that cover you for the

duration of the case. We accept payment plans as well. Whether your case

takes one court appearance or twelve… know you’re covered.




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