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The Kugel Law Firm Reviewed by CQWEN

The Kugel Law Firm and founder Rachel Kugel were reviewed by blog site CQWEN.


There are many law firms out there but many of them lack the aggressiveness necessary to adequately pursue your efforts or the caring and customer service to preserve your peace of mind. The Kugel Law Firm is different.


Some of the advantages of using The Kugel Law Firm are:
No hourly billing.
A client service staff member to answer questions fast, schedule calls with her fast, and text her with any emergencies.
Use of technology to your benefit (online payments, check by phone, email, scanning of documents and much more).


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Case Result: Manhattan, N.Y DWI

Rachel Kugel represented a client charged with Misdemeanor DWI as well as Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test in New York City.

During the DMV Refusal Hearing Rachel Kugel successfully argued that the arresting officer lacked probable cause. As such the Refusal case was closed without penalty to the client. Thus saving the client from a mandatory one year license revocation.

Moving on to the criminal case the misdemeanors were dismissed on Rachel Kugel’s speedy trial motion leaving on the VTL 1192.1 DWAI Traffic Infraction.

After one more adjournment The Kugel Law Firm continued to aggressively pursue the case and pushed forward to trial. When the case was finally ready for trial the police officers involved did not remember the incident and the remaining count of VTL 1192.1 DWAI was dismissed due to the State’s inability to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.


*Past success is not a guarantee of future results. All cases are different. Aggressive investigation and creative strategies are recommended to achieve the best possible results. To discuss the specific facts of your case call 212-372-7218.

Rachel Kugel featured on Home of Wealth

The Kugel Law Firm is pleased to announce the Rachel Kugel, Esq. was listed as a Certified Partner by Tracey Freese on her awesome blog Home Of Wealth. Blogger Tracey Freese has spent the past ten years providing personal finance advice as a stock broker, insurance specialist, and corporate trustee. Tracy began a new chapter as entrepreneur, educator, and author. Tracy believes uncluttering life will lead to financial prosperity and has repurposed her expertise to support a wider online audience.


We are thrilled that Tracey decided to write about Rachel and included her in their Certified Partner Network and honored to a be considered as fitting in to the ideology of the Minimalist Ecosystem.


Beyond her charismatic television persona, Ms. Kugel gives a true impression of kindness toward clients. Given the nature of drinking violations, many clients turn to Rachel in a deep time of need. With emotions running high, Rachel and her team still focus on customer service and a fair pricing structure. As all minimalists do, I applaud any professional willing to put ethics in front of profits. Kudos to Rachel Kugel, Esq. – Home of Wealth officially inducts you into our Certified Partner Network!


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